Saturday, 29 June 2013

Cosmo Youth Parade 2013: King x Mon, Misa,Yui & Saffron (Interview)

From Left: Misa, Saffron, Yui, Mon, King

KingxMon FB Page:

As part of Cosmo Youth Parade's International Cosplay Exchange and Meet and Greet segments, cosplay guests King x Mon, Misa, Yui & Saffron were in Singapore for the weekend. We were lucky to score a group interview with all five of them recently. 

If you haven't heard of these international guests (KingxMon and Misa are from Taiwan, while Yui and Saffron are from Hong Kong), do check out their FB pages for awesome cosplays and news about their stay in SG! 

The interview was conducted in a mix of English and Chinese, so we have translated it into English for the ease of our readers.