Tuesday, 17 September 2013

[Sponsored] Naoki Yoshihara by Ash

Thank you Street Angels SG and Naoki Yoshihara by Ash for this wonderful opportunity to get my hair cut and permed at the newly open salon @ Liang Court! 

Naoki Yoshihara by Ash
Phone: 6333 5662
Location: 177 River Valley Road #02-15/16 Liang Court
Singapore, Singapore 179030

Disclaimer: Whilst I was sponsored this hair cut by the salon, the review will be 100% true to my experience!

~ Emi

A couple of months back (yes, I'm sorry for being so late with the post T.T) I headed down to Naoki Yoshihara by Ash at Liang Court for a hair cut and a perm.

The salon is the brainchild of former CEO of QB House, Mr. Kazutaka Iwai and his partners under MJ TOKYO Holdings Pte Ltd. Iwai-san is the man who brought the quick cut concept of QB House into Singapore and Hong Kong.

Naoki Yoshihara by Ash is the first salon by Ash in Asia. Ash is a large Japanese hair salon chain with over 100 shops in Japan. Ash has also been frequently featured in hair styling magazines. Naoki Yoshihara by Ash, is named after the founder of Ash, Mr Naoki Yoshihara. For the highest service quality assurance, all stylists at the salon are trained in Japan and certified by Mr Naoki Yoshihara himself.

The interior of the salon is really clean and neat, and the mirror "wall" placed at the end of the salon makes it seem even bigger than it truly is. 

Really comfy shampoo and wash area. The salon even has nice fluffy blankets for you to cover yourself with while enjoying the pampering~ 

My hair stylist, Amu-san is a really friendly and nice person to chat with! We were chatting the entire time she was working her magic with my hair. 

Love the way Amu-san took so much care in drying my hair! She was literally drying it piece by piece and twirling it to make sure the curls hold. 

Amu-san applying styling lotion ~

Tadaa~! The end result of the perm! While I really love the haircut, I'm slightly iffy about the perm. Maybe cause Amu-san wasn't very familiar with the Japanese method of perming hair (she did mention that it's her first couple of times doing it), but the curls didn't really mesh well or curl together. The right side of my hair was better curled compared to the left side, which made me look like I had 2 different stylist working on my hair. But oh well~ It was still a decent job! 

Pictures with Aya-san from Bluebird Ventures in front of the shop! 

The salon is newly open and is running promotional discounts till end of Sep 2013 (click on image to enlarge):

The total cost of my haircut + perm was $208 in total! Haircut by top stylist and perm for long hair. Rather affordable for a Japanese hair salon! 

Selcas with Aya-san (top) and Amu-sam (bottom)

Now after 2 months, my hair is back to it's original straight state with frizzy ends >.< Maybe it's time for me to trim it short again!

That's all folks! 

Thanks for reading ~ 


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