Saturday, 11 August 2012

Event Updates: WCS Singapore 2013

Cosfest ASIA has released the requirements for World Cosplay Summit (WCS) Singapore 2013!
It's a really interesting process that the organisers have decided on in order to decide who would compete in WCS Singapore 2013 and go on to represent Singapore in the WCS 2013

A brief overview to the guidelines for this year. 
  1. All interested cosplayers/non cosplayers register with Cosfest ASIA first as individuals. 
  2. Participants will be interviewed and auditioned by Cosfest ASIA's team, and the team will then explain to participants what is required in order to join the World Cosplay Summit. (*note: Participants do not need to have prepared any costumes at this point)
  3. Short-listed participants will then move on to the next phrase. 
  4. WCS Singapore Manager team will hold a session where short-listed participants of WCS Singapore will draw lots to decide who they have been paired up with.
  5. Only after the teams are paired up, then the team will start on costume discussion, performance planning and costume making.

Cosfest Asia has mentioned that the purpose of this system is to encourage more interaction between various cosplayers and for them to make more friends. 

If you are interested, message Cosfest Facebook with your:
Full name:
Nick name:
Contact number:
Series you would like to cosplay to enter the World Cosplay Summit Selection rounds:

Overall, an interesting system of deciding the teams for WCS SG. This is unlike previous years where contestants are allowed to form their own teams for the competition.

Hmm....this system seems to be good, but would it decrease the potential that contestants may have if they are matched up with someone that they are familiar with and feel comfortable working with? After all, teamwork is an important factor in this competition and i'm sure many contestants may be deterred from joining the competition if they cannot choose who they are to work with.

Still, with this new system, there might just be some unexpected pair who may come up with awesome ideas that may wow the crowd. So who knows? You may be sure that Project Harata would definitely follow next year's WCS SG 2013 closely.


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