About the Blog

Project Harata, or Project "Freeman" in the native language, was created to showcase the Japanese culture, along with anything and everything related to it. 

Mainly focused on Cosplay, this blog would feature many different parts such as: 

Event Coverage - Local and Overseas
Cosplay Tutorials
Makeup Malorian - Cosplay Makeup / Special Effects Makeup / Cultural Makeup
Kameera Showcase - Photographers Corner
Special Mentions - Competition Lineups, Upcoming Events
Cosplay Of The Day (COTD) - Cool Cosplays
Fashionista Fantasia - Fashion/Portrait Shoots

About Our Contributors


Emi Liaric

Editor and creator of Project Harata, Emi is a Singapore based model, beauty blogger and cosplayer. Having been in the cosplay scene for quite some time, she hopes to spread her love for the hobby to the rest of the world in her own quirky way. 

Editor and active writer of Project Harata, Seren is an avid lover of all things Japanese, especially of music, subcultures and avant-garde Japanese fashion. Having been overseas to study for the past two years, she’s now back in Singapore and has plunged headlong into the local J-Culture community, contributing in any way she can.


Serene is someone's who interested in the JPOP scene ever since 2008, and has been avidly singing in the Singapore JPOP community since then. She hopes to spread the love of JPOP through Project Harata and also gain some knowledge along the way.

Guest Writers: