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Makeup Mayhem: [Review] Etude House "Look at My Lips" Lipsticks

Hello! Introducing a new series on Project Harara -- Makeup Mayhem! In this series we will have various tips, tutorials, hauls and how to's that Emi will be introducing to everyone. 

This series is essentially the merger of 2 blogs, Iliaric's Makeup Garden and Project Harata (seriously, it's hard to update both blogs at the same time) so that Emi can focus more on PH. 

Read on about the haul! 


Etude House is a Korean beauty crand that has no so recently hit the sunny shores of Singapore. While I love buying their products when i'm actually in Korea, the prices of the items here are significantly more expensive and not as worth-your-money as I would like it to be. That said, it's still cheaper than majority of the western drugstore brands that we see in Wastons and Guardians and the likes. 

I decided to pick up two lipsticks since I needed some new colors for my cosplays from the "Look at My Lips" line that they had on sale at the door. Each of these lipsticks retail for $10.60 but i got them for $6.90 each since they were on offer. 

The full range of the lipsticks can be see from the color chart from Etude House. It's split mainly into 4 categories, the shimmers, reds, browns, pink/corals. (This series was released in 2011, so most of the colors have been discontinued)

Picture Credits: Etude House

List of Colors available in the range (if you can't read Korean like me):

#1 My Secret Mix
#2 Runway Coral Orange
#3 Celeb Pop Pink
#4 I Love Pink
#5 Pink Holic
#6 I’ve Got Red
#7 Glamorous Brick
#8 Lovely Antique Rose
#9 Paparazzi Coral
#10 Spot Light Beige
#11 Marshmallow Pink 
#12 Peach Bonbon
#13 Dreaming Lavender 
#14 Pop Star Pink
#15 Envy Red
#16 Love Me Pink
#17 Lady Like Pink
#18 Swiss Salmon
#19 Pole In Beige

Since I was mainly looking for a pink/coral lipstick, i got #4 I Love Pink and #9 Paparazzi Coral. 

Clear plastic packaging with metal holders
Picture Credits: Project Harata


The packaging of the lipsticks isn't anything fantastic. It's your typical plastic sheath with metallic holders inside with the product. I'm really happy that they have a clear top though, since that makes storage a lot easier when you can see the actual colors of lipstick instead of just the name of the color or some digital image of the color. 

Product and Ingredient list
Picture Credits: Project Harata

View from the top. 
(Left to Right): #04 I Love Pink, #09 Paparazzi Coral
Picture Credits: Project Harata

Lipsticks extended to the fullest. 
(Left to Right): #09 Paparazzi Coral, #04 I Love Pink
Picture Credits: Project Harata


#4 – I Love Pink : This color is surprisingly similar to MAC Viva Glam Lady Gaga (which i bought a couple of years ago). Very cool bold pink, blue undertone, almost baby pink. Not a shade that would fit many skin tones since it's almost guaranteed to wash you out (make you look like you're sick) if you're pale to begin with, but it works awesomely with my skin tone (yellow undertone, slightly tan).

#9 – Paparazzi Coral : A pale nudish coral with an orange and yellow undertone. Looks lovely on yellow undertoned skin, but looks kinda weird on people with paler skin tones from what i've seen online. 

Swatches on the hands.
(Top to Bottom): #04 I Love Pink, #09 Paparazzi Coral
Picture Credits: Project Harata


Very sheer. The swatches on my hands required at least 2-3 swipes with the lipstick to achieve their color. I'm not too sure about the other colors as the reds I swatched at the counter only required one swipe for the color to show up, but the lighter shades definitely have less pigmentation. 


The lipsticks are rather creamy in texture, and smooth during application. The only peeve I have with them is that it catches on any dead skin on your lips that wasn't exfoliated off. You will need to use a lipbalm with this lipstick if you have slightly dry lips like mine. Note that this lipstick bleeds on your lips, so use a liner with it if you're thinking of purchasing the reds. 

Swatches on the lips
#04 I Love Pink
Picture Credits: Project Harata

Swatches on the lips
#09 Paparazzi Coral
Picture Credits: Project Harata

Lasting Power: 

Aye, this lipstick totally fails when it comes to lasting power. Granted, it isn't a long wear lipstick, but this rubs off easily when you're eating or drinking, so you would need to reapply quite frequently. 

Overall: 3/5

Color Range: 4/5 
Pigmentation: 3/5
Texture: 3.5/5
Lasting Power: 2/5
Price: 4/5 (now that it's on sale)

Hope this helps! 

~Emi <3 

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