Monday, 3 September 2012

STGCC 2012: Cosplay Runway

After a hectic 3 days at STGCC covering event grounds and more, we are finally at the end of STGCC 2012!

Thought you guys may enjoy some photos of the Cosplay Runway that was held on 2nd Sept 2012, 5.30pm at the main stage, so here's a quick update.

I have to say, the number of events including Cosplay Runways sure have increased this year! Cosfest XI had one, Japanese Arts Fiesta II had one, and now STGCC has one too! It's a good thing to have a stage for cosplayers to display their awe inspiring costumes, but i'm sure the public would love to see some competitions with performances and all!

That said, STGCC's cosplay runway was really impressive, with characters from the latest Diablo III, World of Warcraft, Avengers, Final Fantasy and more. The armoured cosplays were impressive and caused many cheers from the crowds, but our guests from Japan, Touya Hibiki, Kousaka Yun as well as Tadaaki 'Jacky' Dosai brought about many cheers as well with their cosplays of "Tokiya Ichinose" from "Uta no Prince-sama", "Ranka Lee" from "Macross Frontier" and "Kotetsu Kaburagi" from "Tiger and Bunny" respectively.

Check out the photos that we have managed to shoot of the cosplayers on stage!

For all the photos, check out:

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