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Animenz Concert Live in Singapore 2014

Animenz, in the flesh
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So, who is Animenz?
Animenz is a piano playing prodigy, hailing from Germany, has been playing anime-related music on the piano and uploading his magnificent piano covers on YouTube since November, 2009. Having 17 years of piano experience on his back as of this year, he is able to accurately replicate many famous anime songs on the piano, and he even does transcribe some songs into his own sheet music! In 2013, Animenz held a concert in Singapore too, and drew a large crowd of people to his amazing piano concert. This year, Animenz came down to Singapore after having another concert in Malaysia.

My friend helped me to reserve tickets to his concert on Saturday (16th of August), held at School of the Arts (SotA) in Dhoby Ghaut (Thanks, Chris!). Needless to say, his concert was spectacular and some of the songs he played really let me relieve all the favourite anime memories stored somewhere in the back of my mind. Upon reaching SotA, the pool of people who was attracted to the school was overwhelming, and you are able to see how big of a talent he is just from the sheer number of people who were attending the concert. Apparently, the concert for that night was completely sold out. After paying the concert fee (which was oh, so worth it), my friends and I went into the concert hall in which Animenz was to play.

Only after a couple minutes from the time that I sat down, Animenz came onto the stage, followed by a very big round of applause. (Sorry for the lack of pictures and videos, but photography was not allowed in the concert hall ><") After introducing himself and the emcees completed their speech, he started to play on what he called was his "Feels" collection of songs.
One of the "Feels" collection songs (Angel Beats OP)
Those songs were a real tear-jerker, and all the feels from many animes (such as Clannad and Angel beats!) came back and made me go on a feel-trip. :(

Afterwards, Animenz decided to hype up the crowd a little bit with more energetic and popular songs (to set the hype-train rolling), such as Guren no Yumiya and even the Pokemon and Digimon theme songs! As the crowd sang along to the powerful notes that Animenz plays from the piano on stage, you are able to feel the vibe and the energy from the surroundings get to you.
Alas, after about two and a half hours into his concert, Animenz came to his final song for the night. however, after playing his final piece (this song!), the whole crowd gave him a standing ovation and everybody shouted for him to come back and give an encore song. After a minute of cheering, Animenz gave in and came out for yet one last song. After his outstanding performance, Animenz took a selfie with the entire crowd just for fun!

Pictures from the concert! (you can even see me in the bottom left picture haha!)
Picture credits: Animenz's Facebook Page

Needless to say, his performance was amazing and it opened myself up to appreciate piano music a lot more than I did last time. Hopefully, Animenz comes again next year to Singapore to play again, so that more people here would be able to have the chance to appreciate and experience what I was able to experience on that night. Thank you Animenz for coming down to Singapore to play for us!

~ Rian

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