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STGCC 2014 : Event Recap

Event: Singapore Toy Game & Comic Convention (STGCC)
Organised By: Reed Exhibitions
Date: 6th Sept - 7 Sept 2014
Location: Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre (MBS)
Link: http://www.singaporetgcc.com/

*Warning*: As usual, there are a TON of photos ahead! Massive photodump!

Project Harata once again decided to attend for this year's annual Singapore Toy, Games & Comics Convention (STGCC)! With high hopes, Rizky and I head down to the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre to catch some of the latest news on many pop culture related topics and see some of the newest goods that comic and game companies have to offer. ( Sadly, Emi couldn't be here with us this time D: )

~ Rian

For a coverage of The Creator's Panel which was held during the event, please check out the other blogpost, STGCC Creator's Panel!

Even before reaching the hall, Rizky and I were already astounded by the sheer number of booths that there were from the many different companies that were participating in the convention. Needless to say, there were many things that we were able to see inside the convention!
Walking into the hall, the first thing that people would be able to notice instantly when walking into the hall was the Star Wars exhibit!

There was an actual person inside this costume! :o

After making our way through the massive crowd, we saw plenty of what was to be expected at the annual STGCC; many, many figures of characters from various series of comics and games.

Magneto was actually sitting on the Sentinel's throne, but we didn't get enough time to photograph the whole thing because people rushed to get pictures of the figure >.<

Each of these figures (1:4) sold only for about $800 to $900 SGD! Surely, collectors must have rushed to grab this deal.
As sculptors were making some figures live in the event itself, I took a peek and saw this little guy in the middle of the table!
Now come on, who doesn't like Groot? :D
Next up, a couple figurines from Simply Toys...
Connor from Assassin's Creed 3!

(Wow, Street Fighter is really popular nowadays :o )
And lastly, some figurines from Good Smile!

Oh my goddddd, it's so cute :')

After going around and taking pictures of figurines, the two of us decided to venture down into the Artist Alley to check out some of the works made by smaller, upcoming groups of people!
Being a fan myself, the first booth that I had to check out was by Evacomics. 

Eva came down in person to take care of her own booth! Her books sold out so quickly that I was not able to buy one... :(

These two skateboards, from The Blackbook Studio, looked like they made the Stormtrooper design from spray paint (although I'm not very sure). But nonetheless, still looking really good!

A live illustration from Lu DongJun and Lu DongBiao who had their own booth in the Artist Alley. They must have put in many hours just to come up with this illustration, good job to them too! :)
And as with most events in Singapore, there is always a doodle wall which is set up for people to draw and sketch on to show everybody their skills at art. Rizky and I managed to get a quick snap of the completed wall!
Wow, the number of drawings made on the wall were incredible, they took up the whole space!
As we walked towards the stage area of the event, we were able to get a snap with Lenneth XVII at the walk of fame!

Lenneth XVII, next to our writer Rizky :)
We were also able to get a quick picture of Aliga, another guest cosplayer at STGCC!

Making our way to the stage, we were able to catch the spotlight on Nao Shirahane, also known as dmyo, a famous illustrator who has helped people like Danny Choo with illustrations! While she was
illustrating live on stage, Inu, a DJ who had played during the famous DJ Night (which I will cover later), was spinning up some beats for the public to listen to.

Nao even came cosplaying as Mirai Suenaga from Culture Japan! :)

With her talent and skill, an illustration only took a couple minutes! This was her first completed work of the spotlight session.

The person seen in front of the screen here is DJ-ing Inu :D

And yet, another beautiful completed illustration!

And of course, with my most favourite part of the whole event, DJ Night took place on Saturday night (Day 1). This year, STGCC was able to get 3 DJ-ing sensations; Inu, d.watt (also more popularly known as IOSYS), and sasakure.uk. Already knowing some of their works before listening to them perform live at STGCC, I knew that I just had to catch them live to hear their awesome music. Alongside the 3 phenomenal DJs was the VJ, Katsumaki, who made some very cool and unique visual effects to go along with the music produced by the live DJs!
So commences the photodump of DJ Night!

The first DJ of the night was Inu, mixing up some Latin-Trance style beats!

Alongside the DJs was Katsumaki, the VJ! Katsumaki was rocking out all the way throughout the three performances by the DJs.

Inu, showing contentedness with her performance before clearing the stage for the next DJ on the lineup.

The next DJ, known for creating many Vocaloid songs, was Sasakure.uk!

The intense look on Sasakure's face as beautiful mixes of electronic genre based music created by him blasted throughout the hall gave off an atmosphere of powerful music, and I'm sure everybody enjoyed it!
Bidding his farewells, Sasakure cleared up for the next DJ to start his performance.

Last but not least, the popular IOSYS took the stage and mixed up many remixes of popular songs.

The enthusiastic IOSYS as he cheered on the crowd to party more to the strong impact of wonderful mixes.

Wrapping up the night, IOSYS played his final mix before clearing the stage with wonderful cheering coming from the fans.
After two days of having fun around the event, Rizky and I had to leave MBS feeling contented yet wanting more. Let's hope that next year will have way more in store for all of us to experience and see at the annual STGCC! Before wrapping up the entire article, let's showcase some of the pictures of cosplayers that were taken during the event! And with that, thank you for reading this looooong article! :D


Such a cute Elizabeth xD

I personally loved this cosplay, how could a person even make a dragon look so good! :o

This brings back quite a number of memories :')

Payday 2 :D This is a rare time which I see a Payday cosplay in Singapore :)

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