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Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention 2012

It's been a week since STGCC ended! Missed it terribly, especially the guests (TOUYA, KOUSAKA AND JACKY T.T COME BACK PLEASE!), and even Kiyoko too! (if you don't know, she's the translator for Touya and Kousaka)

Thankfully, we (Emi and Seren) were able to join the event as media representatives this year! It was a really fun experience and we thank STGCC and Reed Exhibitions for giving us this chance to cover the event! Even though it meant less sleep (For Seren at least, since she had to wake up super early to prepare gifts for some of the guests), arriving at the venue at 9am, sneaking into the 3rd floor washroom to use the awesome makeup counter that they have in there, sneaking back out to get to the first floor etc, it was really really awesome!

DAY 1 

Planned to arrive at MBS at around 9am to have time for makeup (I was going to cosplay Galaco) and breakfast before the 10.30am interview with Jacky, but ended up waking late and arriving at 9.30am. Rushed through my makeup and piecing my costume together so that i would be done before the interview, but alas, couldn't finish in time. Ended up going to the interview in half a costume, but since Galaco's costume is somewhat similar to normal wear, it was fine i guess......

After a rather anxious wait, Jacky arrived (he was really punctual! My phone just hit 10.30am and he arrived ~) The interview went on for around an hour or so, and you can view the interview transcript here:  STGCC 2012: Tadaaki 'Jacky' Dosai (Interview)

Got a shot with him at the end of the interview! 

*my half completed costume T.T* 

Thankfully after the interview with Jacky we had a break before our next interview with the cosplayers! (Kyaaaaaaa~) so we both rushed back to the 3rd floor washroom to get ready. With the help of some awesome double sided tape, i was done with the costume!

Here's a photo of Seren in her lovely outfit (she calls this normal enough, but seems like most people thought that she was cosplaying 8D) Picture credits to Camille

I didn't take any photos so here's a camho shot of my cosplay!

It was roughly 12+ in the afternoon so we headed back to the media village for the next interview with the cosplayers. 

*cue random fangirling moment here* 

The both of us were kinda crazily anticipating this interview, so we arrived really early and snagged seats so that we would be as close as possible to the cosplayers! Jimmy (Golgolak) was free at this time so he kindly joined us to help us with the photo taking. 

I can safely say that the 45 mins that the interview lasted was the best 45mins of the entire STGCC for me. Just cause it's Touya and Kousaka! (Seren disagrees - she maintains that the best part of STGCC was the Touya/Yun interview at the media preview) For transcripts of both interviews, view here: STGCC 2012: Touya Hibiki & Kousaka Yun (Interview) 

I was surprised at how down to earth both of them are! I expected a rather formal interview, but instead, it turned out to be somewhat like a friendly chat. As I don't speak much Japanese, Seren did most of the interview while i sat there and made appropriate responses (can't speak Japanese for fear of bad grammer T>T) 

They look so slim ! T.T And so photogenic. 

Another camho shot with the both of them!

After that, we had the rest of the day to roam around the area! Missed Touya and Yun's photo session though. T.T

So many people! 

I love how they have a dining area for people to purchase food. Smells lovely ~ 

It was off to a photoshoot for me after that with the lovely Jimmy C (Golgolak) and William Tjhin !

Credits to Jimmy C

Credits to William Tjhin

Really happy to have gotten some shots despite covering the event! This is the first time that i've taken so many shots with children! Must have had more than 10 kids coming up to photos :) 


Day 2 started off with a much-anticipated interview with Piko! As expected, he was much more used to a media crowd than Touya and Yun were, and acted substantially more coolly and professionally. Nevertheless, the interview was eye-opening and informative. (My favourite part was when he vehemently denied being homosexual while answering a question about his famed live performance of Magnet with Sekihan.) At the very end, he was kind enough to leave us a video message for everyone here at Project Harata, visible here: STGCC 2012: Piko's Message

For those interested in the contents of his entire interview, please check out the transcript/translation here! STGCC 2012: Piko (Interview)

For many, the highlight of the day was undoubtedly Piko's debut live in South-East Asia! While both I and Emi were skeptical at first, our doubts were blown away by the confidence he exuded the moment he stepped on stage (a considerable improvement from his Magnet performance with Sekihan, as I'm sure many would agree) and serenaded us with a wonderful choice of songs. 

Although his performance elicited many screams and cheers from his eager audience, it was only when he stepped on stage and the crowd demanded an encore that the audience were at their loudest. (Guess it just goes to show that we only realise the value of things when they're lost ;)) Seemingly rather surprised, he granted us a last breathtaking performance before stepping off stage to prepare for his signing session. 

Needless to say, the crowd was humungous, with the queue seemingly neverending. Too bad we didn't manage to get a shot of the queue!

Well, enough of Piko - on to the other things that were going on!

An awesome Wolverine coser!

Folks at Rapid Culture were nice enough to pose for a photo when we were snapping pictures of the booth!

Seren bought a pair of black kitty ears (nekomimi) from this shop and it ended up fitting really well with the black minidress she wore that day! <3

Some more shops that sold really cool items.

Touya and Yun also had another photo session! This time with Touya dressed as Tokiya from Uta no Prince-sama and Yun as Tsukihi from Tsukihi Phoenix. (Egg. On her head. Ridick. Ulously cute.)

Look at the crowd! 

Here’s Singapore's very own Gundam cosplayer Clive, working at the SD Gundam Capsule Fighter booth. Huge crowds gathered at their stage appearance. A kid commented, "WOW. Is that a real person or a robot?!" and I burst out laughing at how adorable it was. It was a free for all photo taking opportunity when they were on stage so many people were taking advantage of that. I was hard pressed to capture a photo of him alone!

Lastly, have a photo of lovely Joey and her cosplay! Super smexy! 

Well thats all for PH's coverage of STGCC and we hope you've enjoyed it as much as we have! Thank you Reed Exhibitions for this lovely event. Special thanks to Ying Ying from the PR team for arranging all the interviews and schedules for us! Hope to be at the next STGCC ~ 

- Layout/Pictures/Posting by Seren & Emi
-Picture Credits to Emi, Golgolak, William Tjhin, Camille

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