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Singapore Toys, Games and Comic Convention (STGCC) 2013 Day 1

Event: Singapore Toy Game & Comic Convention (STGCC)
Organised By: Reed Exhibitions
Date: 31st Aug - 1st Sept 2013
Time: 10am - 8pm
Location: Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre (MBS)

*Warning: Tons of photos ahead!

Last month we headed to the Marina Bay Sands Convention and Exhibition Center for the Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention. This year marks the second since Singapore’s largest toys and comics convention has shifted to MBS from Suntec. 


This year's ticketing counter was very efficient, with the queues for Hot Toys at the end so that the (really really) long queue could spill into Hall C without disrupting the other event goers. They also had different rows for the different ticketing types, which made queuing really convenient!

Well, in any case I got my pass rather quickly ;D

Credits to STGCC:  (click on the link for an enlarged version)

Similar to last year, STGCC had a Main Stage and a Walk of Fame for the guests. The line up for both sides were pretty interesting, with a good mix of both Eastern and Western items. 

Holding STGCC 2013 at Marina Bay Sands is a totally awesome decision by the organisers that we agree with wholeheartedly. With the huge crowd coming in this year, even more than previous years, the expansive space that Marina Bay Sands Expo provided definitely helped to ease the crowd. Cosplayers and others were free to loiter around outside the halls with the additional exterior walkways. The organisers also opened another hall that was previously used for queuing for people to loiter, which was even better, considering many photographers and cosplayers set up camp at event locations. 

Even though the PH crew arrived fairly early (approx 9.30am), the entrance queue was extremely long by then. We kinda wished that we were given priority entrance so that we could take pictures of the event without the many people crowing inside the picture, especially for the Iron Man Suit display. 

In any case, the moment we got in, it was a mad rush of people trying to get to the booths to purchase their items. We ended up walking though the Artist Alley first to check out what they had to offer!

There was plenty of traffic at this year’s Artist Alley (by plenty, we mean packed like sardines). A few familiar artists have returned from last year with many more new faces to be seen, some of them from other countries like Malaysia and Thailand. The exhibitors came from various disciplines with people displaying artwork, original toys, comics and even one selling custom made steampunk outfits. Renting a booth at a STGCC hardly comes cheap, so you got to hand it to the many independent artists for their dedication to their crafts.

Steam Machine, the one store that caught my eye! All the awesome steam punk outfits that were so wonderfully made!

Liselle from Malaysia brought in several of their more popular merchandise such as Tshirts and Art frames.

Zeiferz x Kian02, both amazing artists also had a booth at STGCC this year!

Amazing Marvel figurines were also on sale.

Littleoddforest with their collection of animal related products!

Pandabaka from Thailand was present at STGCC too! Love their art~ 

Righto, next, on to the booths!

This years had a large majority of toys and gaming booths while anime stores were a rarity, with Odex and Bon Japan being some of the only Japanese inspired stores. Some of the guests also had their own booths, including Vampy Bit Me, TAMusic, DJ KZ (Livetunes) and Adi Granov.

Finally managed to track down Vampy's booth after some blind wandering around the expansive booth area. Vampy brought in some of her merchandise as well, mainly Tshirts and Posters! 

If you're a fan of Vampy and want to know more about her, check out the interview we had with her:

Vampy was also present at her booth to sign the posters that her fans bought.

TAMusic was right beside Vampy's booth! 

DJ spinning the music to a crowd of curious onlookers!

This year, STGCC also had a photo booth in collaboration with Studio Me that allowed event-goers to take pictures of themselves with a green screen (after which a digital background is inserted). Customers get to select from 3 themes and collect an instant 4R print together with a character fan and postcard in the official STGCC tote bag, all for $5!

Uncron also had 2 booth space to display their products this time round! 
(If you're sharp, the guy on the left of the picture is Redjuice, the artist for Guilty Crown!)

This year's STGCC seem to have put a lot of focus into Iron Man products, with many Iron Man suits, statues, display cases and more scattered around the event. Hot Toys had a huge display with all of the Iron Man suits used in the movie!

Amazing isn't it? All these are real, life sized replicas(?) of the suits used in the movie sets!

Adi Granov, one of the illustrator and conceptual designer for Iron Man and Avenger.

More Iron Man figurines around the event!

Tony Stark in his Mark III suit.

Disney's Mini Figure World Toys~

Display Posters!

Rian beside one of the Iron Man statues. 

More Iron Man~

Even more Iron Man~ 

The Marvel booth! They were giving out free tshirts ~

Captain America in his statue(ous) glory!

Good ole' Spidey and his signature pose.

A hologram of the different Iron Man suits and how they equip. 

Botak Printing's mascot 8D His head and eyebrows are super adorable and quirky!

Play Imaginative's Trexi. 

Paul Frank Julius Vinyl Art Figures

More Iron Man ~ 

Seriously, STGCC seemed more like a Marvel and Iron Man exhibition than anything. 

Mini Iron Man figurines. 

Huge display poster for Kaku San Sei Million Arthur

Okay, I have nothing to say other than  MORE Iron Man. 

Random cute figurines spotted! Does anyone know where this is from?

Of course, an event like this would have tons of cosplayers attending! This year saw to a good spread of cosplayers from both Western and Eastern games/comics/animes. 

First up, we have Vampy cosplaying Jun the Swan!

A full team from Free! Strapping young men in swimsuits at an event, how can you not swoon? 

Psycho Pass cosplayers~ 

Ooh Naruto! It's been a while since we have seen Naruto cosplayers!

You would never been able to guess their gender from this picture...

Vocaloid? Seems like Matryoshka to me!

Well, that's all! Stay tuned for Day 2!


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