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Singapore Toys, Games and Comic Convention (STGCC) 2013 Day 2

Event: Singapore Toy Game & Comic Convention (STGCC)
Organised By: Reed Exhibitions
Date: 31st Aug - 1st Sept 2013
Time: 10am - 8pm
Location: Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre (MBS)

On the first of last month, the Project Harata team went down to Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre (MBSCC) in the heart of Singapore’s business district for the annual Singapore Toys Games and Comics Convention (STGCC for short). However, as it was Emi’s birthday on that day, I worked alone that day to let her do her own thing for her birthday. So here’s my recap of a sad, lonely time at STGCC (sobsob).
[just kidding, haha! (: ]

          At 11A.M., I reached the MBSCC and put my bags down before heading down to the ever so popular Hot Toys booth. As Emi would have covered some of it yesterday, I won’t blabber on too for long about this part of the event. The Hot Toys booth was right in front of the entrance to the event, so it sure did attract tons of attention. The booth had many different action figures and figurines from various comic books and movies on showcase; including what seemed to be the theme of the whole event – Iron Man, Terminator 2, and something that really caught my eye – a replica of the Banishment Scene from Thor! At one side of their humongous booth, there was even a hologram display of the different suits of armour from Iron Man! Sweet ~. 

The Hot Toys booth!
If you're a huge fan of the figurines and other goods that were put out by the company, you can check out their website here!

An Iron Man figurine at the Hot Toys booth

The T-800 endoskeleton from Terminator 2

Banishment scene from Thor! This was pure awesomeness.

          Moving on, I went to yet another well renowned area of the event, the Hall of Armour. Feasting my eyes on many different suits of armour from the Iron Man series, including the newest Mk. 42 suit seen in the Iron Man 3 movie recently released at the time, no wonder it was such a popular scene at the event! Gleaming suits of armour from many issues of the comic series and from the movies too, it would definitely be a hit with Iron Man fans. I mean look at them; they look awesome. LOL.

Iron Man! Iron Man everywhere!

The centrepiece of the Wall of Armour, the Mark XLII.

The entire Wall of Armour~
          Okay now that the photodump is over, let’s continue on~.

          On Day 2, just like the first day of the event, the artist valley was super crowded and I was unable to squeeze through the crowd to take pictures of the artists whose work really caught my attention, sadly. However, Emi was able to get some pictures of the stores and artists on Day 1, so you can check out her blog entry here for information on the Artist Valley! (Sorry Emi xD)

          After squeezing through the crowd in the event hall for a while, I decided to take a short little breather away from the hype. So, I went next door to have a look at some of the cosplayers who dedicated time and hard work into cosplaying for the event. Kudos and a big thank you to all the cosplayers who posed for the camera once again! 

= Begin cosplayer photodump!=

 A female Thor!

First time ever seeing a cosplay like this, Snails from Maplestory! 

A not-so-good picture of Aza, it was difficult to take a good picture with the number of people crowding around just to see her!

Annie and Tibbers from League of Legends

Another League of Legends character, Ezreal!

          The Cosplay Runway was also held that day, letting lucky cosplayers show off their costumes for the public to gape at. However, at the time I didn’t have my camera with me, so I wasn’t able to take any pictures of the cosplay runway. Sorry :(. But right after the Cosplay Runway event, and after getting back my camera, the DJ Night @ STGCC started! STGCC put out two fantastic DJs, kz (livetune) and Yuyoyuppe (also known as DJ Tekina Something), to mix into the night as the event finally came into a close. Their mixes of anime and Vocaloid music were definitely a treat for the ears, and many others must have felt the same way… look at the turn up for the event, hordes of people came!

The crowd was unbelievable!

Yuyoyuppe close up in action!

I'm sorry, but I just had to. :P

The hyper, sweaty Yuyoyuppe near the end of his performance

The second DJ, Livetune

Livetune and Yuyoyuppe communicating on how to mix their creations together

The man himself, kz (Livetune)!

Nice ending pose~

          And with that, the annual STGCC event for 2013 wrapped up. The convention halls slowly emptied out and everything came to a close. Thanks again for reading and we will hope to see you at the next event !


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