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AFA 2013: AFA Cafe Experience

Picture Credits: MMK Facebook

AFA Cafe
(Moe Moe Kyun Cafe + Atelier Royale)
Event: Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2013
Organised By: Sozo, Dentsu
Date: 8th - 10th Nov 2013
Location: Suntec International Convention and Exhibition Centre

For lunch, we headed down to AFA Cafe with Jimmy (representing Tokyo Otaku Mode) to check it out! Click to read about our experience there (with a short bonus clip!)


This year's cafe was located at the back of the event hall (as usual, actually), with all the food sponsors' booths.

Huge poster board above the cafe
Picture Credits: MMK Facebook

Entrance to the cafe
Picture Credits: MMK Facebook

When we went on Friday at approximately 3pm, there wasn't a queue in sight at all (lucky us!). Generally, the queues are long on Saturday and Sunday, when most people attend the event.
Quick tip: Always try to go at non-lunch/dinner hours. It's much faster to queue for!

During peak-hours!
Picture Credits: MMK Facebook

The interior of the cafe was bright and airy, with ample spacing for the tables and chairs.

Interior of the Cafe
Picture Credits: MMK Facebook

Jimmy, who accompanied us on our journey to fill our stomachs!

Jimmy on the left!

Our serving maid was Rin, and she was super sweet! I really did enjoy Rin's service since she was so cute and sweet, but I reallllllllly did wish that we had more interaction with her.

Super adorable Rin!

Picture Credits: MMK Facebook

Oh well, in any case she did a powerup with us when our food arrived, which we managed to take a video of (with permission from the cafe manager of course!)

The way Rin did the power up was really adorable <3 Even her voice is so cute!

Cheryl was slightly dissapointed that they only served NESCAFE Coffee (she's not really a coffee drinker), but the food was great (though expensive >_<) !

Picture Credits: MMK Facebook

AFA Cafe was supported by Monster curry this time round.

Find out more about Monster Curry here - 
Picture Credits: MMK Facebook

Here are our meals!

Monster Curry Japanese Curry Rice! $29.90

The Curry Rice portions served in the cafe were HUGE. It was definitely more than a single portion if you aren't exceptionally hungry to start with. Thankfully I had Cheryl to share my portion with. The cutlet was deliciously crispy!

Cheese Tofu Dessert Decorated by Rin! $19.90

Cheryl liked the cheese tofu; it was sweet and went well with the cream and KitKat! (I snuck a bite from Jimmy)

I also took some cheki (polaroid pictures) with the butlers!

Ren on the left, Yutaki on the right
$5 per cheki!

Overall, it was a fun experience, but definitely not what you would expect of a authentic Japanese maid/butler cafe. Interaction with customers were short (we went there at a non-peak hour, but even so we didn't get to interact much with the maids and butlers), but the head butler did try his best by popping by unexpectedly to surprise Cheryl :D

For a Singapore maid/butler cafe, it's pretty awesome, so check it out at the next AFA or look out for the pop up events that they have sometimes.

Signing off~!


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