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STGCC 2013: Redjuice (Interview)

A picture of the man himself, Redjuice!
Photo Credits: STGCC

A popular illustrator from the Kouchi prefecture in Japan, Redjuice (a.k.a. Shiru) blessed this year's Singapore Toys, Games and Comics Convention (STGCC) with his presence! For those who do not know who Redjuice is, maybe if i told you that he was a key character designer for the anime "Guilty Crown", then it would ring a few bells in your mind. Project Harata was lucky enough to squeeze in a quick interview with this awesome artist, and I sure was glad to meet such a well reknowned illustrator :)

Photo Credits: STGCC

Without further ado, the interview!
~ Rian
Redjuice is more well known as the character designer for the anime Guilty Crown (above)
Photo credits: STGCC

Q: How did you first start out with illustrating?

Redjuice: I have been drawing ever since I was young, but I started to draw seriously as an illustrator around my twenties. In Japan, there is a very famous culture which people post their drawings on the internet. So I did that for about five years, and that is where I think I first started illustrating.

Q: How do you keep your aspirations for drawing up, since you’ve been illustrating for such a long time?
Redjuice: I just simply like drawing! That alone keeps me going. I’ve been drawing for quite some time, and people have slowly approached me and asked me to illustrate for them. Along the way, more and more people have approached me to ask me to do such things for them too. However when I thought of becoming a full time illustrator at first, I was quite concerned as I would not know how much I could earn from being an illustrator, and also because I already enjoyed my day job at the time. When you draw professionally, there are many worries that can arise from it. I don’t really earn a lot, but since I really love to draw, it’s just this that is able to keep me going.

Another one of Redjuice's works!
Photo Credits: STGCC

Q: So as we all know, you have a strong passion for drawing. What is your most favourite aspect about illustrating?
Redjuice: Aside from this question, I would like to also tell you about the most challenging thing about illustrating. I feel that the most difficult thing about illustrating is drawing the rough sketch of the drawing. Because from this rough sketch, it will decide about fifty percent of the final piece. After the rough sketch, I will then ink the sketching, and then add on the colours to the piece. Despite the fact that the rough sketch is the most difficult aspect, it is also my favourite aspect about illustrating. The rough sketch is hard, but it is rewarding. 

Redjuice during the interview
Photo Credits: Project Harata

Q: Since the rough sketch is the most rewarding part of the illustration, what is the feeling that you get once you complete the rough sketch?
Redjuice: Even though the rough sketch is the most rewarding part of the illustration, I think that I would not feel very happy at that stage in time yet because the whole illustration is not fully completed. After I finish the whole illustration, I will sit back and look at the illustration as a whole, touch up on some parts of the work, then look at it again and go, ‘Oh wow! I actually drew something THIS great!’ 

A sample work from Redjuice's gallery, from BEATLESS
Photo Credits: STGCC

Q: I have a question here from one of your fans here in Singapore. He asks: ‘How did you actually join Supercell?’
Redjuice: To put it in simple terms, I myself do not know why I was invited to join Supercell. The person who actually started this is Miwa Shirou, one day he just asked ‘Why don’t you join us?’ At that point of time I was not a professional illustrator yet, so I kept thinking to myself if it was okay to join such a big group. Eventually, people started to like his works more and more so I joined. Come to think of it, why I think they did invite me was because they probably have the image that I’m a very fun guy, but this is just what I think. I still do not know why they invited me to the group to this day.

Q: Any piece of advice for budding illustrators?
Redjuice: Wow, this is a very difficult question… If you really want to start drawing just because you like to draw, then start doing it whenever you can. However, if you really want to draw and become a professional illustrator, please think about it a couple times whether you are absolutely sure that you want to become an illustrator. If one day you really become a professional illustrator, just remember to never give up.

-Transcription/Commentary by Rian
-Layout/Pictures/Posting by Rian

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